A confectionery in the Hérault!

Rémy Groussard, a confectionery in the Hérault: pay more to keep jobs in the territory

"It's simple, inflation puts us in front of a wall." Rémy Groussard, director of the Ateliers de tonton Pierrot, a confectionery whose headquarters is located in the small village of Graissessac (Hérault), does not hide his frustration. The young 26-year-old boss has chosen to increase his employees by 10% on average. A decision, which, "even if it does not follow inflation" , has a cost, while the company, "even if it is not in the red" , "has reduced margins" and is also affected by the increase in the prices of raw materials. And that's not the only challenge the company, founded by Rémy Groussard's father, has to face.

"The situation is complicated, we are one of the last companies in the region. We are trying to stay here, but it is difficult to hire. We are located in an area where there has been desertification."

Rémy Groussard, director of a confectionery 

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In the region, the car is essential and, with the increase in the price of gasoline, employees, who sometimes have to travel tens of kilometers to get to work, may no longer be able to find it financially. If wages do not increase, "young people will no longer come," sighs the business manager.

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