Frequently Asked Questions 👀


Pierrot (aka Pierre-Alain) our founder started out as a bistro where he pampered the kids with a few bonus treats at his counter. One day, one of them drew him a picture with a huge marshmallow! In 1995, a great story began in the village of Graissessac (34) located in the south of France. This story continues and evolves day by day: on the eve of his twenties, Rémy (Pierrot's son) left HEC preparation to join the company, but his thing has not left him: knowing how to sell, and want to expand.

The Father & Son energy perpetuates our uniqueness. We are proud to see that our lively energies are opening up new perspectives today.

The “Les Ateliers de Tonton Pierrot” brand is mainly about creation and unique know-how. The invention of patented cake/bouquet holders, their confections with artisanal assembly/stitching then… our 100% hand-decorated skewers (real artists!). We have improved: by renouncing too addictive additives to return to the softness of pastel colors, we wanted to make tasting the candy an exceptional moment for young and old.

Our know-how and our creations are a real value: an everyday challenge where we rely on man rather than machine.

Tonton Pierrot is a shareholder of the company with a mission "Time for the Planet" - It fights against climate change in France and abroad. We have also been labeled "PME +" since 2020 in order to show our environmental, societal and ethical commitments.

We have always considered job creation as a mission, today our workshops bring together a hundred people whom we consider to be true artists.


No, there is no minimum order amount. Have fun!

A period of 8 days. We do our best to guarantee these delivery times. Many external factors can sometimes slow down deliveries. Know that we are doing everything we can to ensure that you receive your delicacies as soon as possible.

Sure ! Simply send us your request by email to and we will then send you your invoice in PDF format. Don't forget to tell us your name and order number.


Tonton Pierrot takes great care in making its products and pays particular attention to quality control. If, despite all our precautions, a defect had escaped us on an article, we apologize and invite you to contact our customer service by communicating:

– Your name and order number

– The description of the problem

– Photos of the defect

Once the photos have been received, the Tonton Pierrot staff will get back to you quickly to keep you informed of the processing of your request after analysis.

Visit our “Tonton Pierrot Univers” stores at the addresses of the open stores.

We make themed Candy Bars for you with our creations already available on our website.