A family story! 🍬

And from father to son...

A small gift, for a big pleasure.

Tonton Pierrot tells you our story...

During my first life as a bistro owner, I surprised the kids by decorating their orders with a few treats, until one of them handed me a drawing over the counter: it represented me, Uncle Pierrot, carrying in his hand an enormous marshmallow!

It is this memory that inspired me to launch my brand. You surely remember this song by Renaud which spoke of one-franc caramels and roudoudous which… messed up our teeth.

Me, I preferred a much more melting bonbec. So it's been almost thirty years since Tonton Pierrot has been polishing his colorful marshmallows, almost thirty years since he imagined a myriad of sweets from a village in the South (in Graissessac ) with a passion: taste , beauty , and less sugar !

By renouncing too addictive additives to return to the softness of pastel colors, we wanted to make tasting the candy an exceptional moment.

The success of our creations has gone through cakes and candy bouquets, it has gone through fashionable animals, but it is above all due to the fact that we bet on man rather than on the machine: the decoration made in the hand has followed us since the origins.

Admittedly, our development has not always been a healthy journey, but Tonton Pierrot has unfailingly maintained this nostalgia for the era of nonsense, schoolbags and the playground.

On the eve of his twenties, my son , Rémy, left the HEC preparatory school to join the company, but his thing has not left him: knowing how to sell , and wanting to expand !

We were sure we would get along well.

Since he took over the reins from Tonton Pierrot, he has not failed to perpetuate our uniqueness. I am proud to see that his lively energy opens new perspectives today.