Tonton Pierrot



Skewer in the shape of a snowman, with strawberry/banana/vanilla flavor.

Its tender marshmallow will make you melt. Skewers mounted and decorated by hand with our royal icing: 100% artisanal creation. 🍡


Sugar,  glucose and fructose syrup, water, gelatin; lemon juice, (water, lemon juice, Acidifiers: E330, lemon oil, preservatives: E202); Acidifiers: citric acid (E330); egg whites; aromas; Humectant: sorbitol (E420); Acidifiers:  Tartaric acid (Е334); starch. Dyes: Concentrated black carrot juice, spirulina extract, curcumin (E100), carotenoids (E160a), betanin (E162), medicinal vegetable charcoal (E153). May contain traces of: milk 


Weight: 55g net unit

A hand-poached French creation 🎀

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