Tonton Pierrot/Bonbec Show, une entreprise remarquable du Grand Orb qui ne cesse de surprendre !

Tonton Pierrot/Bonbec Show, a remarkable company from the Grand Orb that never ceases to amaze!

Bonbec show located in the small Occitan village of Graissessac, under its trade name "Les Ateliers de Tonton Pierrot" continues its investments despite the crisis and innovates with an automatic cotton candy machine.

A family story:

On one side there is the light with the wisdom of Pierre-alain Groussard and on the other the flame with the ardor of Rémy Groussard.

The two co-managers father and son are part of an eco-responsible development approach in the world of confectionery. The brand "Les ateliers de Tonton Pierrot" was born 25 years ago in a small village in the upper cantons. The brand is present in around twenty countries, and new projects are constantly emerging every day.

The many partnerships:

Responsible with choices of ecological, economic, societal development by proposing partnerships (the Hôpitaux de France foundation last summer) but also concrete actions: partnership with the intermarché Villemagne l'Argentière is a good example. Beyond the fact that we can be delighted that two SMEs from Greater Orb are cooperating together, the day of Saturday February 13 was a moment of relaxation for young and old. says Rémy Groussard, who was able to test the company's latest invention: a machine that automatically produces cotton candy – a small patented revolution in the confectionery industry.

The deputy of the 5th district of Hérault Mr. Philippe Huppé was present at the inauguration of this beautiful machine, an honor appreciated by business leaders but also by the people present who were able to exchange with the very friendly Mr. Huppé and accessible.

The new CEO (since the beginning of 2021) of the intermarché Villemagne l'Argentière, Mr. Malachane, welcomes this beautiful day full of smiles and exchanges. Despite numerous internet shutdowns, the business persists, as the internet has become vital to much society today. Even with an open letter in 2018 from Rémy Groussard to the management of Orange, with the support of Monsieur Huppé, as well as a response from the orange management committing to put the fiber a few months later, but in vain.

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