Les ateliers de Tonton Pierrot, une marque française pour faire saliver petits et grands

A French brand loved by both kids and adults !

It all began in Graissessac in 1995. Pierre-Alain Groussard, nicknamed Pierrot, created a recyclable, unbreakable plastic support for making candy cakes. He assembled confectionery by hand in his attic, before registering a patent for his invention. He then launched his company, Les ateliers de Tonton Pierrot, with a dozen employees. They make candy cakes, brochettes and all kinds of carefully decorated confectionery. Why such a name for his business? "Before he started his business, my father had a bar. He was always offering sweets to families and children. To thank him, a youngster drew him a picture with a marshmallow on it. He wrote: Thank you Uncle Pierrot. So my father used this name and the drawing as inspiration for the logo," explains Rémy, the son. He joined the company in 2015 and since then has been constantly looking for something new.

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