Tonton Pierrot : la confiserie qui nous a fait saliver dans Qui veut être mon associé sur M6

Tonton Pierrot: the confectionery that made us salivate in Who wants to be my partner on M6

On Wednesday January 18, 2023, the founders of Tonton Pierrot made viewers of Who Wants To Be My Partner on M6 fall back to childhood. Where is this candy located? And where to buy his famous sweets?

Who hasn't fallen back into childhood in front of Tonton Pierrot's sweets, presented in the program Qui Veut Etre Mon Associé? on M6? This Wednesday, January 18, 2023, viewers have indeed discovered the duo formed by Rémy Groussard, co-founder of the company, and his father Pierrot. Together, they presented their project to open franchise stores, Tonton Pierrot Univers, in front of a jury of investors, but also more than two million viewers. Candy flower bouquets, unicorn skewers and marshmallow cakes had us all salivating over our TV sets. But what is special about these sweets? And especially where to get them?

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