Une entreprise Héraultaise dans l'émission " Qui veut être mon associé " sur M6

A Hérault company in the program "Who wants to be my partner" on M6

GRAISSESSAC (34): Discover Rémy Groussard, creator of the "ATELIERS DE TONTON PIERROT"

Entrepreneurs in your region in WHO WANTS TO BE MY PARTNER? SEASON 3

Wednesday, January 18 at 9:10 p.m.

He will have a few minutes to convince investors to join him and become partners. This meeting could change his life.

Tonton Pierrot wants to develop its own candy stores... After 28 years of existence and activity in production, they want to get closer to you! Tonton Pierrot & his son offer shops (franchises) so that you can fly away in a fantastic atmosphere; a real sensory journey dedicated to the pleasure of the palate, but also of the eyes.

Today, he presents himself to investors to find support in the development of his project.

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