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Candy Bouquet is composed of gummy candies on our unbreakable plastic support patented by the Groussard family. 💐

Each candy is assembled by hand.

Blackberry/Apple/Raspberry/Lemon flavor.

100% artisanal creation.

The lot includes: 1 Yellow + 1 Green + 1 Blue + 1 Red.


Glucose syrup, sugar, water, gelatin, flavorings; pectin; Humectant: sorbitol (E420). Acidifier: citric acid (E330), lactic acid (E270). Acidity regulator: sodium lactate (E325); wheat starch,  concentrates (carrot, safflower, elderberry, lemon). Colours: curcumin (E100). Glazing agent: beeswax (E901), carnauba wax (E903). May contain traces of: milk, eggs.

Weight: 100g net unit

A hand-poached French creation 🎀

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